Friday, 14 November 2008

Baby Steps in QR

Went out, did some non-combat missions, to get used to the new systems.

Like the dinky new gates -- as far as I can see, you can now work out how far you're jumping by what sort of gate you get. Of course, I've only seen the 'matar ones so far.

Otherwise (so far) much like before.

Except that, according to the Bear, I need to boost my missile skills, because apparently the changes have meant that even with Missiles V, her missiles just don't damage things. Apparently we need now to learn the Advanced skills to have any chance of doing damage. Which, since I'd started to rely on missiles for mid-range. is a worry.

And the certificates still look like something designed to "reward" the weapon-happy but leave the carebears looking like n00bs. Where are the certificates for "Knows how to run away when Big Rats arrive" or "Has 90% resistances against ISK sellers" ?

More another day

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