Thursday, 6 November 2008

Spent the day

... kicking back with 3D. I think one of his doctorates may be in recreational substances.
I was interested in finding out what industrial mining was like, so he slipped my pod into the back-up slot on his Hulk and we went out to dig the fields.
Apparently where he is used to be mine-intensive, with fields stripped down in hours, but we found good fields of dense veld, and the occasional Gold Ombar (my favourite -- it polishes up nicely, and in an emergency it refines for lots of lovely things).
We got the occasional rat, but nothing that his drone-pak couldn't handle (Apparently ORE don't fit weapon mounts on their ships, so we couldn't fire back -- I almost wished I'd brought a Reaper, just for the exercise) and he has a BadgerBadgerBadger (Sorry -- got overhwelmed there !!) to collect up the salvage.
Have no idea how much we hauled in -- it was just go out, fire up the lasers, listen to the whine and collect the stuff into a can.
Today, once I'm awake again, I'll fly back home and review my training schedule.

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