Monday, 3 November 2008


I'm not sure whether I like passengers or not.

Context: Trying still to maintain a low profile (but needing the ISKies for ponie-maintenance), I've been doing odd jobs for various agents, many of which have involved moving passengers. Which has led to some ... contre-temps.

Most of them over the quality of the quarters they're being given. "Filthy dirty" and "Not fit for a pig" were a couple of the most pointed. Also "Nowhere to hang our weapons" (though, in reply to that, I'd just like to say that most Marines I've come across don't list dancing girls among their weapon proficiencies.

Anyway ...
Since there have also been a couple of cargo runs, I've been using Ourenaris. Ourenaris is a battle-cruiser. It can take out frigates and dessies, and it can tank cruisers (even 4 at once so long as I can Run Away!(TM) ). It's like that to protect you. Accordingly it isn't spiffy clean, because it has to fight. If you want to travel in style, make sure your agent gets someone with a girly-ship that doesn't go into combat, and therefore has room for special passenger modules.

Plus I have the poniez to think about -- so I don't really have space for passenger modules when I've a ponie-stable in my main cargo-hold.

One of the passengers also complained about a ponie. I told him that it was his fault, but he didn't believe me. Miss Elizabeth has a thing about carrots -- espacially she has a thing about people who have acrrots and hide them from her. And his pants were a little tight and she got the wrong idea. I offered him bruise ointment, but he wasn't imnpressed.
Nor, frankly, was Miss Elizabeth -- no carrot and several smacks on the muzzle. I've let her off at a station, for a few days' down-time. Which makes for more complications, because she likes to be In Charge of the others. I may have to rotate a couple of the others out ahead of when she gets back, so that she deosn't feel threatened.

In other news, the agents are certainly gearing up for war -- every day I get offered at least one mission to go and mine rare and officially-worthless minerals ... which makes me think that these minerals actually have a military use.

And I'm still looking over my shoulder, before I take any more major Kill missions. But I did sell a Cargo Optim mod, so I can afford a day or two more off, and perhaps even replace my dead Jag.

Naptime for Jenni -- see you all later


  1. Many underestimate the BC class. I've been running a Hurricane with much success.

  2. Amusing and enjoyable read as always!

  3. ponies and starting to get a picture here...your not one of those scary hellcats that Mynxee runs with are you? Lets hope not too much estrogen in that camp to be sure! haha.



  4. Oh, boy. That "carrot" incident had me ROLLING.