Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Quiet day(s)

Not much to do -- all the agents have closed shop for the day, and most of the station services are in lo-mode. It must be some obscure holiday (someone said it's in memory of those who died in the two Great Wars -- I wasn't born then, so I can't comment).

Did mean that most of the corridors were empty, so I took the poniez out for a run. We did the whole of Level Nine, stopped for water at the Temple Bar, and came back along the service duct that usually holds the mag-lev shuttle. Dappled Barney got a bit frightened by the mag-lev, but a few sugar lumps and a shovel solved that.

Won three games of 4-dimensional reversi on the station web, and then switched to an RPG called Presidents and Interns :: they're announcing an expansion in the New Year that supposed to wipe out some of the Bad Stuff that people have complained about, so I'm trying to get to a level break in case the rejig means I'd lose unbanked skill points, or unattached aides.

May go out tonight, but probably only in a Reaper, in case the stations are still in lo-mode.


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