Monday, 24 November 2008

Left the Building

Mal has quit. he said he was thinking seriously about it, and patched me a bundle of ISK to show how serious. And 2 days back he EvE_mailed me to say "Come get it". And since he wasn't going to be talked out of it ...

So (temporarily) I have custody of a hangar full of mixed ships (motsly BS/BC if I read the names right), and a pile of GSCs and Station Containers, including more BPs than I've ever seen before, and bits of tech that I don't think has been seen on the open market since Ghu knows when.

And I miss him.. When I came out of School, he gave me a Dramiel as a graduation present (and held my hand while I learned to fly it), and he gave me my first Mammoth, and he was always there for advice. He even flew 20 jumps to help me out on a mission, in his no#1 ship, a Machariel (which is why, since having seen his, I want one myself).

In other news, I've decided (for now) that my soul belongs to the Sisters. Apparently they engineer a probe launcher to die for (and which, according to Chiana, goes for 40mill on the market). And since I've learned CovOps and bought a CovOp, and now find that you're apparently supposed to fit CovOps with probe launchers, I have to get one. And grinding for 2 months to get one on LPs seems the best way. Still, the agents are in a good ratting area, so I can chill when I like. It's also got a couple of "bitching" deadpsaces which seem to be infested with BC/BS-level rats. So I may try a little salvaging, if I can put together a Rifter.

And one of Mal's ships (when I can learn the skills to fly it) is big enough to hold all my poniez at once, with room to run up and down, so, if my elite slaves aren't bought free in the next week, that's where they're going to be living.

And now I need to sleep.


  1. Lucky you! Hard to see friends go, but nice when they leave you a "trust fund". Oh, get that sisters launcher soon as you can....they are a MUST for cutting 150 seconds right off the top of your scan time. I couldn't imagine not having one these days.

  2. Okay, beautiful pirate-type lady -- I will obey your advice and continue to grind.