Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Change of Subject

I was going to blog about what seems to be a major issue (although not so much for me) -- the starter corps. "People" seem to want people out of these and into "proper" (i.e. player-run) corps as soon as possible. I was going (partly tongue in cheek) to suggest the radical solution of moving graduates of starter corps into the FW corps.

But then I fitted out my new Jag and took it for a spin. No T2 stuff (yet) -- just basic T1.

Early on in my career I found (it didn't take long) a L1 "dungeon" round the corner from where I was based, and I used to grind it to keep my l33ting skills up. It gives a small ISK sink, some salvage, and a chance to test yourself against known opponents. So that's where I went. Blew away the usual 1 rat within short range, and waited to be attacked. No-one did (out of the remaining 22 of them), so I pointed the Jag at a group and tried "Approach". About thirty seconds in, someone else agressed me, and I got ready for the fight. And somehow, from there, I scythed through 18 of them without really needing to look for fights. Lock on, set "Orbit at 1000", then look for anyone else within 3K, shoot everything I can, find another target and lock on again.
Nothing special in the loot, but ooooh the feeling!!!
So, I redocked, salvaged, and then put her to bed again, ready for the next time I want the adrenalin.

Then I set off to drop in on White Carnation and split some bottles of trop I happen to have found.
Later. J.

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