Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Grind day#2

Same mission 3 times -- once into lo-sec. A fetch-and-carry so I used a throwaway ship, and made it out without seeing another ship (Just 2 guys in local exchanging "gf"s).

Add to those a couple more run-and-get jobs, a quick fight with the Angel Cartel (who by now *hate* my inner organs with a vengeance), and a mining job. None of them hi-ISK, but made my LP quota for the night.

And I've nearly used up another learning tape -- BCs to #5.
May cross-train next, to try to be able to fly some of Mal's old ships.
Or could try for Animal Husbandry: Large Mammal to Level #4, but that takes ages, because of all the prereqs you have to get an extra level in.
Something Pator Tech doesn't advertise about its "non-standard" courses.


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