Wednesday, 17 December 2008

7 Facts Meme (OOC)

Courtesy of Sara Conna

And, due to the fact that everyone I can think of has already done this, I see no point in nominating anyone else (though if I knew where Chribba blogged ... )

1. I was once going to be a lawyer, till Cruel Fate (and a distrustworthy "friend") sabotaged that.

2. Arising from #1, I have actually been inside the cells of the Central Criminal Court in London, and come out alive.

3. I am intensely height-phobic: anything over one storey and I start to feel insecure (So now ask how I can fly a Minmatar ship with only a pod between me and infinity)

4. Inherited from my father, I have a deep-and-abiding love for the operas of Gilbert and Sullivan

5. I've visited (nominally) 4 of the 5 continents: I live in Europe, went to Florida once, did a day-trip stop in Cairo, and have been to China, Brunei and Thailand. Australasia/Oceania will have to wait till I'm retired and can go round the world, as I couldn't cope with the time it would take (Again, go figure: from someone who does 72 AU jumps)

6. I'm a heraldry maven in an English medieval-recreation group called the Far Isles, and over the last year have managed to acquire 2 library-standard texts regarding English heraldry, reading the which properly I *must* get around to, probably the next time EvE has a 3-day downtime.

7. I'm fatter and older than I'd like to be, but the one I blame on excellent food, and the other doesn't seem to reverse whatever I do.

And as a comment to someone else's meme-reply :: Yes, you kissed a girl; yes, you liked it; but ... did she kiss you back ?


  1. My girl kissed me back and it has been 13 years and I STILL like it! Mule's are stubborn though, kinda like a virus most ppl just learn to cope :)

  2. Must expand on #1-2 at some point.

  3. #1 is still a sensitive issue

    As to #2, if you know where to go, there is a very solid doorway (with the remanants (or there was when I was there) of an ancient wooden door stapled to the wall beside it). You knock (or ring -- it *was* many years ago), and if you show the right ID, they let you through. And inside there, is a warren of corridors serving a little maze-let of cells, each about 10x10 (because you'll only be there till tea-time -- this is a court, not a prison). All painted grey, and quite chilly even in summer.
    Not the sort of place you want to spend time, unless you *have* to.