Tuesday, 16 December 2008

So ...

I tucked the poniez up with feedbags, and went out to try some L3s again. Except that the 2nd one I was offered was anti-drone mining and I forgot I got good slavage and I turned it down, and went to do some L2s. In and among I ratted, though, and made a small profit there.

Now have 2 goals -- earn enough to use T2 Gallente drones (since I have some); and earn enough to buy another mining cruiser, so I don't have to keep going fetching the same one. Which will end up needing a Mammoth to haul for it, but Mal's hangar has a couple of them, so as soon as I can fly his freighter (dot dot dot)

What he doesn't have is a duplicate of my mining cruiser. Mind you, it's just occurred to me that he had have an equivalent, and since I'm going to need to learn most races' Cruisers to fly what he's left me ...

This is going to take months, but at the end I'll have ships enough to spread round space so that I don't have to go far to get one. Plus he has enough BPs for me to build some more as and when I need them.

As to which, if anyone has minerals and needs some building doing, I have a limited set of BPs ...

I also have an appointment with the strawberry skin-care pool again, and then a couple of lambmint chops, I think.


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