Monday, 1 December 2008

'Nuff 's 'nuff

If I see one more cattle ...

Mind you, I'll probably have to, so let's say another today.

All my agents want fresh beef -- and I have to transport it. Not to mention the t*rkeys. The cargo hold looks like a MidWestern farm. And the smell's beyond bad. Three poniez have had to go planetside to recover -- which isn't easy to manaeg when the planet your current main station orbits is a mineral extraction and refining centre. Have you ever tried (of course they haven't, jenni) finding fresh grass in the middle of slag-heaps, or places for poniez to gambol among rendering ovens. Gambling's different -- once you've loaded the ovens, there's not much to do till they've cooled and you can empty them :: Spotted Julian came back with 600 ISK he's won at Find the Oat Biscuit.

In other news, with things a little quiet at times, I got to play several rounds of Presidents and Interns and got my best character to Level 24. And LadyAngel got a new autopilot for her VoidAncer, which we test flew.

And now I'm going to check that the maintenace crew haave got all the cattle residue out of the hold, and then I'm going to do serious sleeping, before the poniez need feeding again.

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