Friday, 12 December 2008

Beyond the Game :: GrandChild of Threadnaught (OOC)

Okay -- Neither I (RL) or Jenni had anything to do with it :: we don't *do* lo-sec, and we don't do moon mining. Fact is, short of reading up on it, I wouldn't know how to moon-mine.

What irks me is less that the markets were flooded with insta-made whatever-the-h*ll-it-was, and more that people were able to use this mechanism to avoid paying for EvE.

The original poster makes much of this -- hadn't paid for his game in 4 years. And if he hadn't, what makes anyone think any of the other corp execs had ? So, people who in-game were making themselves immensely rich, were also, in RL, getting a free ride. And in the course of this they amassed large amounts of "ill-gotten" gains.
And now "all that has been taken from them" -- true. But the rest of us will actually be the ones who suffer because prices for materials will rise, which means that prices for gear will rise, and we will have to "work" harder to stay where we were. Meanwhile, the guilty ones simply rebook in under another name and IP address and are instantly back where they would have been, because their alt-accounts (Don't tell me, if you had the power to play free, you wouldn't set up more than one account) will be there, loaded with bear, to hand out the skillbooks and gear. Fine, they will have to relearn their skills, but they will also know which skills *not* to hurry learning.

In due course, of course, the panic will die down, and things will re-establish some kind of order. And then, doubtless, the next exploit will come along.

Cynically yours

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  1. The theft bothers me greatly, but I'm not sure anyone will have to work that much harder in the long-term. The market will adjust to supply and demand. Moon-mining may become more popular and people may realize that T2 aren't the only mods out there.

    Good thoughts.