Thursday, 11 December 2008

Not doing too badly

My aim, all along this grind, has been to record 500 LP per shift. Which, given I'm working with Level 2 agents, giving me from 60 points a time up, means 5 to 10 missions in quick succession (before they forget who I am and how bad my pounded gundark sarnies smell if they keep me sitting round waiting for work).

And in general it works out well. This last shift, I'd just about done my quota when my agent calls me up (rather then me having to go ask for work). Turns out there's a suspicion of smuggling and will I go deal with it.

Well, the combat missions pay better, and I was feeling confident, so I said 'yes', and took off.

In the vent it was a bunch of Amarr slave traders, with frigate escorts. I remember when all I flew was a frigate. The baling wire was thin and the girders were fragile. Now I have my artillery .... Let's just say that a number popped with one shot. It took nearly an hour to get all of them and salvage the wrecks (memo to self: convert one of Mal's ships into another dedicted salvager and earn wnough to afford an Orca to take stuff round in) and at the end I found some viral DNA stuff which the Sisters had asked me to look out for, as well as several cans of Vitoc. Imagine my pleasure when, as well as paying me for the mission, the Sisters offered to buy the Vitoc from me for 6 figures.
I haven't added it all up, but I reckon that probably makes it a 7-figure mission even before I sort the salvage (which Dappled Barney may have strewn around the cargo hold last night -- he was a bit .... frisky yesterday).

All for now

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  1. Nice. I think I have some DNA and some Vitoc lying around somewhere...

    (I could - and want to - make a really nasty comment about DNA right now, but I won't.)