Thursday, 4 December 2008

Apologies for Harsh Language

... but F* F* F*ity F*

Still grinding; still (therefore) getting periodical storyline missions. And they ask me to look into some Sansha activity, which I do, and then to find out what's going on, by attacking some transports, which my drones see to while I mop up crumpled wrecks. And then they want some stuff moved to another station. Which, of itself, I don't mind doing. But this was 600 m3 (so far too big for my BC), and 2 jumps into lo-sec space.

What the ****'s wrong with somewhere in Empire ? Somewhere calm and tranquil -- a Leisure Corp station, where I could get a facial and perhaps a pool boy. No -- it has to be 0.3 space.

I took the Hathi to truck the stuff (stripped down, just in case, so no poniez and no comfort gear -- not even my MP84 player), and then switched to a Reaper for the 0.3 jumps (which also wouldn't have had room for ponie). Which meant looking like a needle, ducking in and out of gates. So, my thanks go to the (about 6) guys who didn't gank me on my trips.

Did get some standings increases, but I don't know if that will translate into extra LPs for the missions I'm doing.

And I'm finding there are too many things that I want to be training, and buying, and not enough time or ISK.


  1. Ha you wanted a pool boy..LOL GL with THAT! :) the thought amused me I must admit.

  2. Pool boy, cabana boy, general gofer (so long as he'll clean out poniez as required).

    All applications considered.