Monday, 8 December 2008

Been Busy

Mostly still grinding for the Sisters.

Went down to [LOCATION DELETED] to see over Mal's ships again, and settle which I want to move and when. Checked with the School and they say I'll need a third of a year and about a quarter of a billion ISK to learn all the skills I'm going to need.

Got some new poniez -- they were in a storage container that the Sansha had, which I sort of blew apart to discourage them (the Sancha, not the poniez) from trying to muscle in on Sisters' territory.

Saw my first Orca -- nifty looking ship. Would be nice to own one, but I think I'll wait till the price falls a little. I gather they're being used for suicide gank ops, but I'd really see mine more as a mobile base station to put a few ships in and some ammo and go and Have Fun.

Need to sleep.

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