Thursday, 16 October 2008

Another day; Another dolly (it seems)

I think I remember why I gave up on this agent. Frankly, he's borderline-revolting. And he's out here on the edge of nothing, so you have to go 6 jumps to get anywhere interesting. On the other hand,that's why he's (sort of) ideal for White Carnation to run up some standings, without people messing with her.

She was up before me (hasn't yet learned the virtue of resting while you have chance) and did a couple of courier runs while I was getting breakfast and getting my pod organised. I'm trying lime-jello ooze this week -- someone said it smells better, but I think I'll go back to the aloe: it's definitely better for my skin. I also need to go get some missions run: the man mailed to say that my rental for planet-side ponie stables is nearly up and will I please arrange to take them back.

So we met up in the lounge and WhiteC showed me the new catalog she'd got :: apparently the Caldari scientific instrument manufacturers won't guarantee delivery to Minmater space, so she's going to have to build her labs with home-grown stuff. I would have thought that one retort is very like another (let alone solid-state thingamabob) but she assures me that ....

Getting back to the Real Stuff, she went to see the agent, who spun her some tale about losing a bet and would she go collect a package for a station a jump away. She went off, bravely, on her own, (while I watched pool-boys) and it turned out to be a dolly. Looked a bit like one of those Andorandy dolls they push at Hogmastide but a bit ... weirder ... on the face.

So, she brings it back, and he asks her to step out of the office for a second and when she's called back in, a minute later, he's got a slip of paper and some co-ordinates. For a drop off in deep space.

I wanted to go wth, in case it was a trap, but she insisted, promising me that she'd have an align out live at all times. From what she said when she got back, some doofus in a pirate-type ship kept appearing and disappearing (I must start training for an Invisibility Cloak), and finally chucked a jet-can to her. Needless to say: another dolly.

Next mission there's four of them, dotted over space. She found all but one, but by backtracking she found that one, too. Devious people, these dolly manufacturers.
All the time I'm expecting the boom to drop and half a dozen pirates to pop up, but, no -- all peachy. (Peach jello -- now there's a thought)

At some point he went ger-bonk, frothy at the mouth -- the agent, I mean :: the dollys just lay there, all plasticky and grinning -- and announced that no-one was to know about any of this, and would she go kill a man. To be fair, he was offering a large reward. So we did. Never found out the whole story -- just blew him away, collected the corpse and brung it back.

Would have been the end of it, but someone eve-mailed WhiteC offering her one of those signiificant missions. So we flew over to look into it and it was supposed just to be a simple kidnap -- go get the victims back. I insisted and flew wing for her and we went after.
And I never want to do that again: the shooting of the rogue ships wasn't too bad -- once you got used to the fact that as soon as one lot died, the next ones turned up (and sometimes during), but the salvage was immense. At one point, I was dead in space while she made two trips back to drop stuff off.

So, after that, I was definitely for my bunk, even if WhiteC did say she was going to look at some tech stuff in the station's labs. Anyway, they had the new episodes of CSI -- Rens on, and I wanted to know if they'd moved on with the "Android Assassin" plotline.

And tomorrow -- who knows ?

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