Wednesday, 15 October 2008

First Flowerings

SO, White Carnation (my Cald boffin-friend) managed to work her way out to our portion of [####### -- CENSORED] and found the station (or one of them) that 3D uses. Except that, when they tried to team up, local control wouldn't allow it.

I'd foreseen the possibility, and so I saddled up my Big Guns and went to meet them. It's in the back of beyond, but that's good because there aren't as many pirates there. And the station is Min Gov'mint, so she'd be building up status with the Right People for the Republic.

She'd apparently tried a couple of missions (mostly fags and booze runs) and then had been asked to get a POS book. Apparently the agent fancies running his own station on the side. She'd brought that, and some other stuff, but her guns had zeroed out against a transport (which he'd assured her she could attack and he'd keep CONCORDE away).
So we fleeted and up I gave the transport some TLC with my drones and artillery, and she did the same with some missiles and it died. Mind you, we didn't find the cargo we were told would be there, nor any salvage (wise girl: she had a salvager ready to fit dockside). But the agent seemed happy enough.

Then his half-built POS came under attack and when we went to defend it, the vorschict gate wouldn't let me through. So I left her to guard the gate while I went and got my Dramiel. It's a good ship, and I misuse her badly: next to no guns and major salvage/tractor rig. But she was good enough for what was there, and between us we cleared the field of rats --- but not before Mr.POS, he go ka-bloom !!
Not that the agent seeemd too troubled -- he blamed some old geezer for it, gave us the co-ords of where he was (a pleasure yacht -- in a system best known for asteroids) and sent us to square the account. Which we did, in a way, and reported back.

Then I took a nap while WhiteC ran some errands for him. But soon enough he had bad/worse news -- we had an Amarr spy in the area. I don't know if I will ever *like* Amar -- slavery and I don't get on. I was glad to saddle up and do the necessary and since the b*ard undoubtedly had friends, I organised that I would go through any gates ahead of WhiteC, and clean up, and she could follow and do the tidying with her salvage mod. Which worked well, right up to when we also bagged a snotty little sympathiser, cuddled in to an escape pod in Mr.Spy's cruiser. (I was actually quite proud that we took down a Cruiser in 2 frigs, but in retrospect I don't think he was firing on all cylinders: it was too easy, and I suspect this was a decoy and the Real Spy is still in place).

And after that it was nap-time. We were both worn out and 3D was off mining, so we split a bottle of Ol'Junx Spirit and hit the bunks.
More later

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