Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Is this working? Unit: translate from Yuen-Ho to Standard. Output as [text-by-four]. Acknowledge.

Oh -- text. [Vocalisation] is operative.

Hai! Honorable Capsuleer Jenni have allowed me to introduce myself: I am Baihua, daughter of Heng; [commonly calling] myself White Carnation. I am graduate of School of Applied Knowledge, but by the kindness of Honble Jenni and DrDrDr Ursus I have relocated myself away from the bustle of Jita-sector, to the peace and quiet of Minmatar Metropolis, here to pursue a career in Science and Technology.
But at present I am dependent upon the charity and kindness of my friends, as none of the noble academies within my reach will speak to me, as they know nothing of me. So I am running missions for the Minmatar State to evidence my [willingness to serve].

So far I have worked for three agents,who give me missions to do. My first agent was a big man, and often asked me to fetch things for him, and do other things several of which were [borderline honest] but then Jenni introduced me to one of her old agents (I am living in the area where she first started off) who offers me things that I feel capable of (heretofore Honble Jenni have kindly flown wing with me on combat missions and without her I could not have survived). But with what I have earned, I have now bought a slightly-used Caldari Cormorant on the market, so that I can fight and then salvage. Now I am learning to fly an Industrial so that I no longer need to depend on others for transportation.
Then I must "get my head down" (a lovely expression Jenni have taught me) and start to learn my advanced science courses so that I can look up agents with whom to work.

May I thank all those who has helped me in my voyage so far, not least the various [pirates] who have not shot down my weak and unimpressive ships. Long may it continue.

And may the [Great bird of the Galaxy] nest on your [rooftop]

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