Sunday, 19 October 2008

Laying back and ...

I think "my work here is done" -- WhiteC seems to be set up nicely. Bought her own destroyer, whjich I've helped her rig (tho' not by much since she wants it rigged Caldari-style (naturally) and I don't exactly hoard Cald-rig gear).

I hung around in case she needed some more help, while she ran some missions, and did some mining. Now a guy by the name of Dense Valdspar synchronistically (I know: must be hanging around the sci-geek this last few days) posted on his (or her) blog about mining [here] saying how valuable it is getting th'ore and so on, and taking 'bout the diff'rent ships you can use.

I may have mentioned Babylon Bear, who built me the DigBunny -- it's a Mammoth with a mining laser and she says she tested it down to 0.6 rats, so I thought I'd try a prolonged run in her. Turns out she's right :: one rat and shield never falls below 96point; even with three all I need's the small booster now and again. And all the time I'm packing ore into the hold, and from there into 2 GSCs I have aboard,and so back, eventually, to base. Plus I've a Salvager on top, so when WhiteC went past and fragged the rats, on her way somewhere else, I could salvage spare parts from them.

But now I feel th'urge to get back to my poniez -- so I'm going to get some food, take a sleep, and then load up, bid WhiteC a fond adieu, and go back down the slope to business.
Wonder what my agent has lined up ?

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