Monday, 27 October 2008

Postcard from .... well, never mind

Hi -- having a wonderful time and wish that you were here.

Actualy, I don't. Not that I begrudge any of you as wonderful a time as I'm having, but I'd rather not share mine.

And my pleasure is tinged with regret :: I've had to sell two of my poniez. Miss Genevieve was getting old, and the vet said that the last hip implant hadn't really taken, and that the artificial gravity on the station wasn't helping. So she's gone to the Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Poniez, who have devoted their entire lives to looking after our four-legged friendz when they get older. Coincidentally it's next to the glue factory, but I'm sure there's nothing sinister in that.
And Mattie I've had to let go because he's taken to Leaking in Inappropriate Places. He always did prefer the planetside life and he used to shiver so before we went into combat. So he's joined a null-g polo club and all being well, if he passes their training regime, he'll be on the team and on holovision this fall. The Naberri Knights, if you follow the games.

As for me, I'm still looking over my shoulder for people I don't know trying to find things out about me. Though at present, all they'd find is how many mango smoothies I'm eating, and when I'm due for my next BaiDo session. But I'm still in positive balance, and I don't plan on going back until I know it's safe.

Meanwhile, I'm making one or two impulse purchases: they do a vanilla-essenced pod-goo here, with integrated dermal-regeneratives, so I've bought two big barrels of that and they threw in a sample size of their lime and leomongrass cabin scent -- supposed to promote peaceful sleep and harmonious thought-waves when you're out of pod.
And a girl in the atrium yesterday works for one of the Minmatar drone works, so she's done me a deal on some T2 Warriors, so I'll try flying one of those for a week or two.

The nice thing is, the service they give you here. A room bigger than the postage stamp size they give you in the stations; meals tailored to the capsuleer, rather than the dock-side cargo-humper; twenty-seven hour spa, and a pool the size of Barbados (wherever that is).
And pool-boys. Mine's very attentive: sees that anything I want is brought at once, and keeps checking up that I'm happy and relaxed.

And here he comes now :: nine o'clock BaiDo; today I try to get to level 3.

All right, I'll be coming, Welung !!

See you all soon. Keep the skies clear for me !!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! Great post! I need a pool boy.