Thursday, 2 October 2008

Didn't Mean To ...

I only came back to see if some Research was over (it wasn't, yet) and my agent asked me to take some electrical parts to a reactor engineer five jumps away. So, since I didn't really want a cloud of radioactive gas replacing a small planet, I took the job, and by the time I got back (after a bit ratting in a system that's far too occupied) I docked at home base and dropped in on another agent I sometimes work for.

He said that there'd been a kidnapping, with some sort of Diplomatic Consequences, and could I please look into it ?

Flew eight jumps, dropped into a system, followed the bookmark, and found a Caldari mini-fleet. Now Calds I normally get on well with -- my miner buddy 3D (he *says* he has 3 doctorates --- and I believe him ?) is one, and he's a good friend -- but these guys get stroppy as soon as I warp in, and start for me.
SO I returned some fire and blew one away, which seems to enrage the others, and I'm watching my shield repper just so *not cope*, and find I'm another drone down (Lou-Ella -- the one with the assymetric microwarp cowling), and then we're heading towards armor, and I'm thinking Time to align out of here.

Jumped out, to a station, pulled a drone out of the hold and told him he'd get a name if he came back alive, checked my shield was up again, and warped back (remembering to reload as I did). Turned up on top of 3 "escort" ships, with a fourth barrelling in. He was the tricksy one -- near as I could tell, he was getting remote repped, so I left him be, and took the other three first. Hey, they can't remote-rep you if they're in their pods and m-warping home.

Finally found the kidnappees -- dead and floating in space -- and also found a deal of heavy-weight salvage -- I think those "escorts" may have been full-strength cruisers -- and some Caldari tags. So, come the next Collectors' Market, I might have to talk to Dai the Dip, and see if he knows anyone who wants "Genuine Souvenirs" of the Caldari Faction Force ... well, they're not going to know the difference, are they ?

Drone came back, so I've called him Emo.

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