Friday, 17 October 2008

Show Time

I'm getting proud of White Carnation. She turned down a mission from the agent because she'd decided it wasn't fair to ask me to run it effectively solo for her, and when he happened to start his next conversation the same way, she also told him where to stuff *that* job. So we flew two jumps to another Government station (one I now remember I used myself many months ago), and she took a hauling job for an agent there, and obviously impressed her.

Next thing is "Go down to [CENSORED] and pick yourself up a pilot's ticket for the Air Show". So I laid back and waited (in the bar) and she went off, got the ticket, jumped into the Gallente shuttle that she was loaned (bear in mind: she's Caldari -- she'd never seen a Gallente control board before, and yes, I know shuttles are easy-peasy, but even so ... ) and took off to do her bit.

She called me in at one point, when she had some drones to handle, but apparently she only had to take out one lot. Even so, there was salvaging to do, and her in a ship not rigged for it. Other than that, most of it was display flying -- ducking in and out of an asteroid at one point.

Several people sent her drinks creds in appreciation, so when she'd done we called it an evening, and sank a few. Even got her nose out of the Science books for an hour or two.

Don't know if she's flying tonight, and I'm starting to wonder whether I oughtn't to get back to my own agents, before they forget who I am.

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