Wednesday, 8 October 2008


in a station while thinking over my inadvertent mislaying of a Jag.

I know where it *is*, but I'm disinclined to let Mr.Flashy-Red kill me again.

My fault for going lo-sec, but that's where the bps were. Still, they weren't on-board at the time, and Mr.Flashy-Red has to go to sleep sometime. Then I'll head back up to hi-sec and find something with Artillery cannon.

Best wishes to all poniez everywhere. I'm curiously tired -- perhaps that third PanGalactic was a mistake ... or were they Panther Sweats ?


  1. "Panther Sweats" made me giggle. A lot. For some crazy reason.

  2. That's funny -- Panther Sweats generally make me giggle *and* fall over !!!