Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Short note addressed to other n00bs like me

Salvage salvage salvage.

Mining op -- not even a mission, just an "oh, look -- dense Veldspar".
30 minutes in, 3 rats appear. Pull in mining drones; put out the dogs.
Woof bite; woof bite; woof bite -- three wrecks.

Then see 4th red cross. Ask doggies to investigate. After three tries they lock on and eat it. Turns out to have been a Harvester.

Eventually pack up mining; go get hauler.
Empty jet-can; start salvaging wrecks. Come to the Harvester (which I'd forgotten what it was) and find Tritanium -- quite a lot. However (and this is the point) also find Mining Laser Upgrade. Something which, till now, I'd always had to buy.

Moral: unless you're so rich it doesn't matter, always salvage your wrecks.
Of course, someone else may salvage them for you -- but then, you'll never know what was in there, just waiting.

Need to go feed poniez. Wonder if there's a Ponie Upgrade ....

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  1. Waste not, want not. I can't stand leaving ANY salvage behind.