Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Be Vevvy vevvy quiet

... I don't want my agent to know I'm back.

The vacation was all very well – and the poniez and I got plenty of exercise — but I still had the research, and I knew it was due to finish.

So eventually I warped home, to find another memo on my PersCom -- I was due to collect some stuff right down in Forge for a new friend. She's Cald, like the 3-doctorates, but she's a sweet little girl, and she's willing to team with me to do Hard Science, if I do a little bankrolling till she's going.

So, instead of fetching bps in lo-sec (the only place that had research labs available in under a month), I had to haul ass (or a donkey at least) in Mal's Hathi, which was a gift from Mal Garamite, fully fitted, and is my primary hauler. It took a while, but I met White Carnation just over the border in Lonetrek, and we packed up her ships, and gear (and then unpacked enough so that she can keep basic gear down there), and set off back.

We maybe should have done some research of the strategic sort, because I'm not sure she can find an agent now she's here, so we dropped her off in Sinq Liason and I'll go back in a week or so and see how she's doing.

So, now, I just have to go get those bps, and then see about what I can build with them.

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