Friday, 24 October 2008

I'm going to be away

... for a few days.

I think it's safest.

My gov'mint agent (the one I don't visit too often) called me in and said I had to go do something for him. It would have been more accurate to ask me to go do someone. Or several someones.

Not the Angels, though. Not this time. Some other lot of bloodthirsty b*t*rds, who had apparently started to colonise a deadspace pocket. And word on the street (well, in the bar, down on level 12, by the gasket storage) was that these guys were ... seriously heavy.

SO I looked them up, on Eve Survival, and it said they had Cruisers, in numbers, as well as Interceptors with web. I don't like Web. I'm Minmatar. I like to fly free ... and be able to Run Away(!!TM).

But they were offering medium six figures for the mission and another medium six for doing it fast, so I thought I'd go look-see.

Took the Ourenaris, which is my ship with Big Guns (and some smaller ones for close-in), and jumped to the first deadspace pocket. That wasn't too bad -- they were in groups of two frigs and a cruiser, so I could agress one and deal with it and then come back (they don't seem to have high esprit de corps -- whatever frequency they use ('cause it's not Local) and whatever calls for help they make, they only seem to get back-up if I actually get stroppy with their mates). Except for one group where tow lots came after me, I cleaend their clocks, and then set about salvaging. Had to go back to empty my hold, but I got it done. Quite a few co-Processors, and some weird Shield Rechargers. Then I headed for the gate to the second pocket, aware that that was where the webbers were.

For once my strategy paid off. No-one agressed me when I arrived, and I targeted both Interceptors, and ran close orbits emptying everything, including drones, into them. By then I had around ten Cruisers and as many frigs opening up on me, but I still manasegd to get the drones back, and warp out, and do some serious repping at a station.

The plan was to go back, agress one or two, and lead them off. It didn't work. They must have had an alarm on the gate because every time I warped in, they were waiting. Thankfully the frigs were quite crumply, and I tanked the cruiser fire, while I pulled the frigs off. But when I went back planning on drawing one or two cruisers, I found they were ganging me. All I could do was hammer one at a time, and talk the others, and then warp out and repair.

Killed them all eventually, and got the "Mission Accomplished" signal. So I salvaged them (more Co-Pros, and some odd bits of heavy missilery), and went home.

And then I got the bounties figure -- which was 7 figures in itself. So, overall, the one run netted me over 2 mill.

It also seems to have netted me too much attention -- I'd barely got back, and the Landing Crew chief is tipping me the wink that people have asked him for a list of my salvage ... with serial numbers.

So, if you're looking for me for the next couple of days, I'll be ponie-riding.
Not hiding, ponie-riding.



  1. Nice haul. Have fun on your "vacation".

  2. nice nice, if your close to lonetrek gimme a shout and you can help me with my level 4's hehe